Custom Design House By Prull Custom Designs

Your dream home…it’s already etched in your mind. Bring your sketch to Prull Custom Designs and watch your dream home come alive. I will provide you with a custom design and help create the details you desire in the most cost effective manner.

The custom design house by Prull Custom Design process is simple,

Step 1: Initial Consultation For a NO COST brain storming session, just bring me your ideas – (or click here to download my questionnaire), dreams, photos, magazine pictures, wishes, any sketches that you may have for your file. We can put them together so I can get an idea of what your dream home will consist of. This process is for me to find out what you want, what you expect from me and also how I will go about designing your new house.

Step 2: Preliminary custom design house work will begin after choosing Prull Custom Design to design your dream home; using the computer I will start to put all of your ideas and dreams onto paper for easy viewing. I will present the preliminary drawing to you for your review. At this stage we can make any changes you desire until the design of your dream home is complete. This may take several meetings, and can be done either face-to-face, via phone / fax or E-mail.

Step 3: Final Construction Prints These drawings are accurate and builder friendly CAD (Computer Aided Design) prints of your dream home. These drawings are for the builders to obtain bidding by subcontractors and are used in the construction of your new home.

For your Custom Design House Call Mike today at (319) 310-1789  to set an appointment that fits into your schedule.